NEWaukee: Targets talent crisis with ‘newance’, full lifecycle talent agency

Contact: Wyatt Tinder

Joint Venture Offers Bold, New Approach to Talent Attraction and Retention

Milwaukee, Wisc. October 31, 2018 -- NEWaukee is targeting the state’s talent shortage crisis with the launch of ‘newance,’ a full lifecycle talent agency with Amanda Daering, former Director of People Operations at custom software firm Centare. Daering will act as CEO of the new agency. Having over a decade of experience working in talent acquisition and the tech industry, Daering aims to leverage NEWaukee’s signature social network and unmatched community to connect the best talent and opportunities in the region.

“Attracting great talent requires more than ads or letting people wear jeans to work. It’s about creating meaningful lasting connections, which NEWaukee is the expert in,” explains Daering. “With newance, we can help companies tackle the talent shortage by both creating those connections and providing the right tools to build a vibrant talent landscape.”

Newance will offer Full Lifecycle Recruitment services for companies looking to find, hire and engage world-class talent. By leveraging NEWaukee’s signature social architecture and community influence, newance will be able to connect the best talent and opportunities in the region. NEWaukee’s hundreds of annual events and its network provide a platform to engage and connect statewide. Unlike most talent agencies, newance has unique access to highly skilled and in demand professionals who already know and trust the NEWaukee brand personally.

“Over the years, NEWaukee has perfected the experience-driven model for creating unique ways to change the way people connect with the community,” explains Angela Damiani, CEO of NEWaukee. “We believe taking a similar approach to recruiting is critical for attracting and keeping the talent every industry seeks. With an enormous talent crisis affecting our state, it is time for a fresh approach that drives actual results.”

Newance offers a suite of services and workshops that support the full talent journey of an employer, including:
  • Cohort Recruitment for companies looking to recruit diverse and engaged talent from other markets in staged hiring groups.
  • Talent Concierge services to attract talent from outside of the region and support them in finding the quality of life and cultural amenities they seek at work, home and schools.
  • Talent Journey Map to observe, evaluate and present a comprehensive overview of your employee experience including recommendations for optimization.
  • Growth Mode Setup to define and build all of the hiring systems you need to start or scale your People function.
  • Direct Placement services for those companies looking to connect quickly the region’s best and brightest.
Newance will match tailor-made opportunities from its expansive network of company partners, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. To join the Job Network, participants can simply visit to complete a profile or apply with their LinkedIn account. All participants in the Job Network are completely confidential.

To learn more about newance’s services and job network, visit

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