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  • Intellivisit uses artificial intelligence to help diagnose patients
    Busy doctors, long lines and rising health care costs are among reasons it is becoming more challenging to make a visit to a primary care doctor. Intellivisit sees this as a problem and is looking to make a change.  In 2013, Intellivisit co-founder Jay Mason set out to change the landscape of primar... <more>

  • Pilot Training System prepares to launch the Drone Flight Bag
    Pilot Training System LLC plans to take to the air with its mobile platform, the Drone Flight Bag, early in 2017. Founded in 2011 by Chris Johnson, PTS provides affordable training technologies for pilots. The Drone Flight Bag seeks to fulfill the need to certify pilots, assist in planning missions,... <more>

  • Hogan: WEDC working to 'figure out a way' to help startups
    WEDC Secretary and CEO Mark Hogan says a big focus of the agency in his second year on the job will be trying to "figure out a way" to boost entrepreneurship. There are exciting things happening in the state, Hogan said in an interview, noting the state's dead-last ranking in startup activity the ... <more>

  • Baldwin looks to help startups access capital with new bill
    U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin says her new bill aims to fix “the major stumbling block” for Wisconsin entrepreneurs: the lack of capital. That’s because, the Madison Dem said, she hears repeatedly from entrepreneurs and those who help them that there isn’t enough money available for them to grow their id... <more>

  • WEDC launches new program to boost entrepreneurship
    A new grant program from WEDC looks to boost entrepreneurs in the state's smaller communities. The pilot program is aimed at communities and nonprofit groups whose smaller budgets don't let them "do everything they want to do" and who might not be a good fit for WEDC's existing offerings, said Aar... <more>

  • StartingBlock meets $3 million fundraising goal
    StartingBlock has hit its $3 million fundraising goal as it looks to become a startup hub on Madison’s East Washington Avenue. The nonprofit group will be housed in an eight-story American Family building that will be called “The Spark,” which has yet to go through the city’s approval process. And... <more>

  • Virent getting acquired by Texas refinery Tesoro Corp.
    Madison-based Virent says its acquisition by the Texas refinery Tesoro Corp. will help boost the company further commercialize biofuels. The company, founded by UW-Madison chemical engineering alum Randy Cortright, looks to replace crude oil with a technology that turns plant sugars into the same m... <more>

  • Abodo planning expansion as it closes $4.8 million round
    Abodo CEO Alec Slocum says his company will “continue to expand” after closing a $4.8 million fundraising round. The company, whose technology helps apartment-seekers find a place to live, is going to be adding members to its executive team and hiring developers. Last week, for example, Abodo hire... <more>

  • Doyenne Group triples amount it sought for fund aimed at women and minority entrepreneurs
    The Doyenne Group's Heather Wentler says it's "amazing" her group tripled the amount of money sought for a fund aimed at women and minority entrepreneurs. The group, which hosts monthly meetings in Madison for women entrepreneurs, was originally looking to get $400,000. But it'll now be a $1.2 mil... <more>

  • State tech leaders say another dead-last startup ranking is 'wake-up call'
    Wisconsin tech leaders say the state’s failure to break out of its dead-last ranking in startup activity should be a “wake-up call” to policymakers. But one of the researchers behind the rankings says the state shouldn’t panic, noting the numbers are just one piece of the puzzle. The rankings from... <more>

  • Uber Pitch brings entrepreneurs together with investors
    Michael Dando wants to bring hip hop to Madison’s classrooms. And he’s planning a forum that brings together local teachers and students who already teach and learn hip hop. But the UW-Madison doctoral curriculum student needs money for that, so he hopped on an Uber yesterday to get a 15-minute pi... <more>

  • Polco CEO thrilled as he wins Pressure Chamber Pitch Night
    Polco co-founder and CEO Nick Mastronardi says he’s thrilled his company won last night’s annual Pressure Chamber Pitch Night in Madison. “It’s amazing,” he told WisBusiness.com after the event. “It’s really exciting for our company, an early stage company trying to tackle a big problem. We need a... <more>

  • WIN panel urges keeping strong patent protections
    The U.S. patent system has come under attack in recent years from opponents who say it kills innovation and stifles competition. Other critics charge that patent laws kept millions of Africans from receiving AIDS drugs owned by pharmaceutical companies. Or that the system is abused by so-called “pa... <more>

  • Zach Brandon: Madison's health tech leaders should 'brag' about the area
    Madison chamber President Zach Brandon says Epic’s growth in the Madison area is a “trend line, [not] an anomaly.” Brandon said yesterday the Madison area isn’t the only place trying to brand itself as a health tech hub -- describing that space as the “Wild West.” But Epic ensures Madison is the o... <more>

  • Tesla lawyer tells Madison startups to expect 'resistance' from status quo
    A UW-Madison alum who’s now a lawyer at Tesla Motors warned Madison startup leaders they’ll face a lot of resistance as they try to disrupt their more established competitors. The status quo, said Tesla associate general counsel Keith Witek, will want to “preserve current profit models.” But start... <more>

  • Badger Fund raises $10 million from private investors
    The Badger Fund of Funds has raised more than $10 million from private investors, doubling the amount it needed to raise under state law. The fund, launched under the state’s 2013 venture capital law, is using those funds and $25 million in state money to help launch smaller local funds, which wil... <more>

  • Stratatech acquisition another 'success story' for Madison biotech industry
    Madison-based Stratatech Corp. is getting acquired by the British pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt. Terms of the acquisition, which is expected to close this year, were not disclosed. But it's yet another "success story" for the area, said William Murphy, the co-director of UW-Madison's Stem Ce... <more>

  • Married couple's startup helps others with end-of-life plans
    When Michelle Braddock’s father died, she became embroiled in a process that would take her the better part of a year. Michelle and her husband, Jon, went through the time-consuming process of assembling all of her father’s documents -- making them locate the will, safety deposit boxes, receipts, p... <more>

  • Report finds ‘real growth’ in Madison tech, mixed picture for state
    Madison’s high tech job growth far outpaced the national average, but Milwaukee’s was nearly stagnant, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution. The report looked at “advanced industries” in U.S. metro areas, evaluating a wide range of sectors from software to manufacturing that ar... <more>

  • Phoenix Nuclear Labs lands Army contracts worth $3.6 million
    Phoenix Nuclear Labs has landed U.S. Army contracts totaling $3.6 million that will help the army detect defective munitions and find hidden explosives. The company has developed nuclear fusion technology that can be applied in many ways. That includes an X-ray like function that can look behind m... <more>


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