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  • DotCom Therapy begins worldwide speaking tour
    DotCom Therapy, a growing company specializing in remote health technology, has begun a worldwide speaking tour as it prepares for a move to Madison. The co-founders, Rachel Robinson and Emily Purdom, will present at the Alaska Statewide Special Education Conference on the subject of teletherapy--... <more>

  • ParqEx expands to Madison, Milwaukee
    ParqEx, a startup that lets people rent out individual parking spaces through an app, is expanding to Madison and Milwaukee this spring. The company is based in Chicago, with over 12,000 active users on its platform each month. And the app has over 2,000 listings for available parking spots in the... <more>

  • MealSteals to roll out merchant-side app for posting dining deals
    MealSteals, a Milwaukee-based app that caters to the happy hour and late night bar crowds, is rolling out a merchant-side mobile app to complement its growing user base. The idea to start the project came about one and a half years ago, when the co-founders saw the opportunity to consolidate the s... <more>

  • WeightUp Solutions gaining strength
    WeightUp Solutions, a startup specializing in sports data analysis, is gaining strength. The Madison-based company uses sensor devices coupled with artificial intelligence algorithms to track and store data on metrics important to athletes and their coaches. By placing a custom motion-capture dev... <more>

  • EatStreet adds delivery service after acquiring Zoomer
    EatStreet, a popular food-ordering company, is adding delivery service to its app after acquiring Philadelphia-based startup Zoomer. This move by the Madison-based company follows a $15 million funding round in September; this brings total investments to nearly $40 million. “We definitely want t... <more>

  • HealthConnect.Link aims to connect low-income and uninsured people to affordable services
    Kevin Dwyer, CEO of HealthConnect.Link, has made it his mission to connect low-income and uninsured people to affordable health and social services. His nonprofit startup aims to create an online network between service providers so that people needing care can learn about places that have needed ... <more>

  • Spaulding Medical creates quick, easy system for providers tracking patient heart health
    Spaulding Medical has created a quick, inexpensive and easy-to-use system for care providers tracking the heart health of their patients. The Spaulding ECG, or electrocardiograph, is a revamped, highly portable version of the larger ECG systems designed to ease the process of obtaining data on pat... <more>

  • Simply Native Foods brings indigenous Wisconsin superfoods to the mainstream
    Simply Native Foods is trying to bring locally sourced, indigenous Wisconsin superfoods into the mainstream. This Madison-based startup company is run by CEO Juliet Tomkins, COO Prescott Bergh, and their son, Colin Tomkins-Bergh, who co-founded the family company and handles sales and marketing. ... <more>

  • LegalBoard provides "easiest solution" for lawyers
    The founder of Pro-Boards has developed “the simplest solution” for lawyers who want to improve their productivity: the LegalBoard. Brian Potts’ solution is a keyboard designed specifically with keys corresponding to certain symbols, words and phrases lawyers find themselves typing over and over. T... <more>

  • JangoBio working on stem cell treatment to fight effects of aging
    JangoBio is working on a stem cell treatment that could hold the key to halting, and even reversing, the effects of aging. The natural process of hormone dysregulation happens to most organisms as they approach and pass reproductive maturity, with degrading of tissues in the body that regulate ho... <more>

  • SimplifIDe may change how employers and workers protect data
    SimplifIDe may change the way employers and their workers protect data. SimplifIDe, a year-old startup, uses unique physical markers that differentiate all humans in lieu of traditional identification. These biometrics include things like faces, voices, fingerprints and even the iris of the eye. br... <more>

  • Lynx Biosciences strives to become the missing link in cancer therapy
    When a patient is being treated for cancer, it’s often very difficult to know which treatment will work best. Chorom Pak, president and founder of Lynx Biosciences, wants to change that. She and her team are working on a system that lets medical oncologists determine prior to treatment which ther... <more>

  • Polco applies the power of “crowd sourcing” to local government
    Coming off the most fractious national election in recent memory, it’s not surprising that many people yearn for a better way to engage with citizens. Polco is a new civic engagement site that allows citizens of many cities and counties to become more informed and educated on current issues, weigh ... <more>

  • Simply Incredible Foods aims to naturally take bitterness out of berries
    Wisconsin is at the heart of the cranberry world, producing about 60 percent of the nation’s cranberries. Many consumers best know these small red berries as a topping for turkey at Thanksgiving. They’re boiled down and loaded up with cups of sugar. Why? Because these berries are too bitter to eat... <more>

  • StartingBlock Madison uses state-of-the-art virtual reality modeling for new innovation hub
    StartingBlock Madison and American Family Insurance used state-of-the-art virtual reality modeling to successfully present plans for the new innovation hub. This new facility, called the Spark Building, will be located at 819 E. Washington Ave. Modeling for the new building was conducted at the Pl... <more>

  • New imaging technology company OnLume is lighting up the medical field – literally
    Walk into any modern-day operating room and the landscape is widely universal: trays full of gleaming stainless steel, a non-descript operating table, a dark room with one big light beaming down overhead. Due to fluorescent image-guided surgery, darkness in the operating room has been a necessity ... <more>

  • INSULETE could hold the cure for Type 1 diabetes
    Modern medicine has largely rid the world of some of the most widespread problems society has faced — smallpox, polio and the measles, to name a few. However, there are still some killers for which doctors haven’t found an answer. With INSULETE’s new patent, however, the third-largest killer in th... <more>

  • DotCom Therapy aims to curb speech therapy shortage
    There are 20 million people who need speech therapy each year in the United States and only 126,000 certified therapists to meet the demand. DotCom Therapy is trying to put an end to this shortage, and was interviewed as part of a new economy business profile series done this fall by UW-Madison stud... <more>

  • Basic education through mobile app is Learning Games Studios' approach
    Learning Games Studios is aiming to improve the availability and effectiveness of adult education programs by producing a mobile app focused on engaging users – no matter where they are and whenever they’re ready to learn. There are about 25 million people in the United States with limited English s... <more>

  • ImageMoverMD led by all-star team of medical experts, innovators
    Some investors who spoke at the recent Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium said they like to invest first in the team and second in the technology. If so, Middleton-based ImageMoverMD should be an investor’s dream. ImageMoverMD was profiled as part of a new economy business profile s... <more>


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