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  • Data guru says Wisconsin startup stats are strong
    For the past few years, the prestigious Kauffman Index of Startup Activity has ranked Wisconsin at dead last for new business creation. It’s gotten so bad that some economic development officials have taken to calling it the “Coffin Report.” But that study is flawed, data guru Tom Chapman of the S... <more>

  • Veteran firefighter comes up with device to help comrades
    Every day, firefighters across the world storm blindly into burning buildings to save lives of people -- often without even being able to see their own hand in front of their face. For 20-year firefighter veteran Captain Jeff Dykes of the Eau Claire Fire Department, this is an experience he knows ... <more>

  • Cellara helping stem cell scientists move beyond hand-written records
    Important cell culture information sits nestled in handwritten lab notebooks of stem cell scientists all over the world. That means it’s often inaccessible for sharing with other labs. “Cell culture work itself is entirely done by manual handwritten methods based on lab method. We literally never f... <more>

  • Cardigan in the hands of serial entrepreneur Matt Younkle
    A high percentage of startup businesses fail due to the competitive and risky nature of entrepreneurship. However, this statistic seems to have little effect on Wisconsin native Matt Younkle. Younkle has achieved strong success with several entrepreneurial endeavors, TurboTap being one example. No... <more>

  • JangoBio sees hormone replacement therapy as key to ravages of aging
    The degenerative brain disease associated with aging, Alzheimer’s, is a long-standing mystery in the medical world. With 5 million people living with Alzheimer’s disease in the United States alone, new approaches are being taken to discover the unknown causes of the condition. Craig Atwood, founde... <more>

  • Pitches at Early Stage Symposium cover wide-ranging business models
    Early Stage Symposium attendees who sat in on the Tech Council Investor Networks track heard pitches ranging from a method for sourcing palm oil out of industrial waste streams to a data management system for health care professionals. Presenting companies included: *HITLIST, an advertisement... <more>

  • Kleinberg: Only barrier to success is indifference
    Tamara Kleinberg, the opening speaker for this year's Early Stage Symposium, says the only barrier to success for entrepreneurs is indifference. "I don't think that our barriers to success as entrepreneurs are competition, time or money. Frankly, if it were those things, only the billion dollar co... <more>

  • Kobara Medical setting a new rhythm for cardiac pace-making
    What started off as a therapeutic device has turned into an innovative product, offering an alternative to invasive cardiac rhythm management for people who suffer from heart failure or cardiac arrhythmia. Kobara Medical Inc., a Minnesota-based medical device company, has developed cardiac leads th... <more>

  • HaloVino: A solution to the hurdles of outdoor wine consumption
    Jessica Bell has seen the wine world from barrel to bar stool. After working at a winery in Spain, as a sommelier in New York City, and as a wine school owner in Milwaukee and Chicago, Bell’s portfolio put her in position to be a successful wine entrepreneur. She uncorked HaloVino after recognizin... <more>

  • TherVoyant strives to improve surgeon experience with MRI scanners
    Brain surgery is a tedious and daunting job. With one slip of the hand or miscalculation, a neurosurgeon can easily do great damage. Seven years ago, Terrence Oakes was doing research when he came across an idea he believed could revolutionize the art of brain surgery and make complex surgeries eas... <more>

  • Four women-led businesses share the spotlight at Doyenne Group Fall Showcase
    Four women-led businesses shared the spotlight at a recent Doyenne Group event where they each had 5 minutes to present their business models. “Any business can be presented in five minutes,” said Amy Gannon, co-founder and director of entrepreneurial development for Doyenne. She introduced the fo... <more>

  • Forward Fest event highlights drones, entrepreneurship
    A group of enthusiastic kids got the chance try out industry-level drones as part of Madison’s Forward Fest. They also heard about new and interesting ways drones are being used in a variety of commercial applications, as well as by the U.S. Army and casual hobbyists. The event was held yesterda... <more>

  • iMyK9 designed to help dog owners keep their pets safe
    Karen Orr, founder and CEO of tech startup PAWS by O-no, seeks funding for iMyK9, a product designed to keep dog owners from leaving their pets in a vehicle for too long. “Studies show that statistically, at least 5,000 dogs die of heat stroke in America every year,” Orr said at a recent meeting o... <more>

  • Airbnb to collect room taxes in Green Bay
    Airbnb has agreed with Green Bay to collect and remit the city’s 10 percent room tax for all of its Green Bay hosts -- the second such pact in the state. Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt authorized this agreement, which he says is seen as “an opportunity for visitors to our community and as a revenue so... <more>

  • Datica launches website to help out developers
    Datica, a Madison-based cloud platform and data services company for the health care industry, just launched a website to help developers bring applications to market. The Digital Health Success Framework is meant to provide a step-by-step guide for launching digital health products, and provides ... <more>

  • Bootler comes to Wisconsin to further simplify online ordering
    A new search engine for food and alcohol delivery services has come to Wisconsin with hopes of further simplifying the online ordering process. Bootler is a Chicago-based company that got its start in late 2016. It’s now active in over 20 major metro markets and 250 cities overall, according to CE... <more>

  • Healthy Community Kitchen supporting families in Dane County with organic food
    Healthy Community Kitchen, a Madison-based nonprofit startup, is trying to bring good food into the homes of those who need it most. The company brings organic, custom-made meals to people recovering from an illness or medical operation, giving them much-needed support at a time when it might be v... <more>

  • Pour Authority measures beer volume for bar-goers
    When it comes to serving beer in a glass, the pour is everything -- that’s why Pour Authority, a new app from Madison-based developer Craig Robertson, was created to easily measure the volume of a glass of beer. A standard American 16-ounce pint glass, a 14.75-ounce porter glass and a 16-ounce sta... <more>

  • Easy Way to Health wants to improve worker health and productivity
    Madison-based startup Easy Way to Health wants to help companies improve worker health and productivity with its technology-connected app. Renato Romani, a physician and the company’s founder and CEO, says rising rates of obesity have a “strong correlation with health care costs.” Obesity-related ... <more>

  • Field Viewers wants to break into three different markets
    Field Viewers, a startup specializing in radiation sensors, wants to expand and break into three different markets with efficient design. “So electronic circuits traditionally have been really bulky; in order to sense one pixel of a detector, a radiation circuit could be as big as my laptop here,”... <more>


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