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DWD: Unemployment Benefits are Taxable State of Wisconsin mails out jobless benefit statements for 2003

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Madison - Department of Workforce Development Secretary Roberta Gassman today announced that DWD has completed mailing 1099-G statements to all individuals who received jobless benefits in 2003. Secretary Gassman reminded Wisconsin taxpayers that unemployment benefits are taxable, and those who received benefits will need these statements to complete their tax returns.

DWD began mailing just over 411,000 forms on January 17 and mailed the final batch of statements on January 26. The 1099-G statement reports how much individuals were paid in jobless benefits in 2003. Wisconsin paid out almost $1.2 billion in jobless benefits during the year.

Those who have questions about their 1099-G or who did not receive a statement can telephone the Unemployment Insurance 1099 hotline at 1-800-572-8969. Claims specialists are available Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to answer calls.

Statements may also be printed from the department's web site at http://ucclaim-wi.org . Click on "Get your Tax Form 1099-G" and enter your Social Security Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). The same PIN used for the UI telephone claim systems should be entered.

One frequent question the department receives deals with the amount of compensation reported as paid in the Unemployment Compensation box.

The total compensation figure on the statement is shown in Box 1 and reflects total unemployment compensation paid during the year. This is considered income for federal and state income tax purposes. The amount paid may include amounts deducted from your unemployment check, but credited in your name for legal obligations, such as child support. Also included are benefits taken to repay an overpayment, benefits applied to satisfy a forfeiture penalty, and benefits withheld for Federal or State income taxes. DWD advises those with these types of deductions to consult with the IRS for specific instructions on how these amounts affect their taxes and how to report them.

Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance is required to send 1099-G information to the Internal Revenue Service and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

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