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Dane Co. Executive Falk: County Executive Falk Sponsors Workshop to Explore Using Local Ordinances to Shape Big Box Development


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Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk is bringing Dane County communities together in a workshop Wednesday, February 11, to explore using local ordinances to shape big box large commercial development in the county.

“Big box development is a challenge to our communities,” said Falk. “They require roads, sewers, city services, and may impact existing stores. Ordinances give local citizens power to shape how and where big boxes will exist in their community.”

A big box store is a stand-alone building, typically significantly larger than traditional stores, often uniform in appearance, having its own parking lot and usually near a major highway.

In October, Falk hosted a conference for about 100 people on the impacts, regulations, design, regional issues, and development options of big box development. As development pressures for big boxes continue in the county, a number of communities are preparing ordinances.

This workshop will explore ordinances adopted or in progress in four communities in the county, examine the potential for big box development in other communities, and discuss the possibility of shaping big box development in the county through ordinance requirements.

County Executive Falk will kick off the event, followed by two panels, and then a general discussion among participants.

The first panel, on Existing and Proposed Big Box Ordinances in Dane County features planners Bill Fruhling of the City of Madison, Rodney Scheel of the City of Stoughton, Scott Kugler of the City of Sun Prairie, Mike Slavney of Vandewalle & Associates, who is hired as village planner for Mt. Horeb, and Steve Steinhoff, of Dane County Planning and Development.

The second panel, on Big Box Development Potential in Other Dane County Communities, features village administrators Mike Gracz of the Village of Oregon and Kim Wilde of the Village of Waunakee,Tom Hovel, senior planner for the City of Fitchburg, Amy Tweeten, director of economic development and planning for the Village of DeForest, Pauline Boness, director of community development for the Village of McFarland and Todd Violante, Dane County Planning and Development.

The Big Box Ordinances in Dane County workshop will be held Wednesday, February 11, 8:15 to 11:30 a.m., at the Alliant Energy Center, Mendota Room 1. There is no fee, and no advance registration is required.


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