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WisBusiness Tuesday Trends
October 10, 2006

By Brian E. Clark


Minhas Craft Brewery

Never heard of it? That's because it didn't exist until last week when Ravinder Minhas, 24, bought the 161-year-old Joseph Huber Brewery in Monroe.

Minhas, who worked for Huber for three years, is a native of Calgary, Alberta. He launched his first beer and liquor company at the age of 18, the legal drinking age in Alberta. He has sold more than 300 million cans of beer in Canada, led by his very popular flagship brand Mountain Crest Classic Lager.

Minhas said he plans to introduce a new hand-crafted premium beer for Wisconsin and the Midwest region in time for the holiday season.


Fertility labs

In-fighting at UW-Madison's fertility clinic is prompting an Illinois medical group to open an in-vitro fertilization lab in Madison in the next few months.

The decision is based in part on the public squabbles at the UW-Madison clinic, according to Dr. Jacket Graczykowski of the Rockford-based Reproductive Health and Fertility Center. Earlier this year, Dr. Elizabeth Pritts of the UW clinic filed a sexual harassment claim against Dr. Steven Lindheim, the clinic's director. Her husband, Dr. David Olive, had been the director, but was replaced by Lindheim.

The Rockford doctors' move means the two clinics may soon be battling over success rates in the competition for patients.


Cranberry crop

Fewer of those little red berries will be harvested this year than was anticipated, due to a nasty August hailstorm that lashed parts of central Wisconsin. Farm officials said the crop will be cut by 250,000 barrels, falling from 3.75 million barrels down to 3.5 million.

Wisconsin has produced more cranberries than any other state in the nation for 12 years in a row. Growers said the storm that hit on Aug. 23 was the worst they'd seen in more than two decades.  Consumers shouldn't see a shortage for Thanksgiving, however, because berries from other parts of the country will make up for the loss, according to officials from Ocean Spray, the nation's largest processor.

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