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Doyle: Economic development lessons for Wisconsin

Gov. Jim Doyle told business leaders in late March about the kinds of economic development lessons he's taking to heart as Wisconsin tries to transition its economy.
Doyle talked in a speech to the Wisconsin Innovates conference about Ireland, where he recently visited with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee businessman Michael Cudahy. Doyle said the entire country was focused on education and ``high-end economic development'' and that political party philosophy didn't seem to detract from that ``singular mission.''
As to innovation, Doyle says there's nothing like a crisis to force it. ``In state government, I found out what the greatest source of innovation is -- that's being broke,'' he said in reference to the big deficit his administration inherited.
And Doyle said the goal should be a simple but lofty†one for Wisconsin. ``Economic development is making sure that we have the kind of jobs in this economy so that anybody can go as far as their hard work and talent will take them.''
Doyle gave his speech on March 28 in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin Innovates Conference

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