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DISRUPT Milwaukee: Hosts inaugural event

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Milwaukee, WIS. -- The world of work is changing drastically and fast.
According to a study the U.S. Government Accountability Office
completed in 2015, 40% of employees have contingent jobs. And
according to Gallup, 37% of employees would leave their current job if
they could find a job that allowed them to work remotely at least
part-time. While some companies and organizations may find their heads
are reeling from these changes in the world of work, DISRUPT
Milwaukee, the event-based non-profit, embraces it.

“We want to change the idea of what the world of work is,” said
Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek, president of DISRUPT Milwaukee and DISRUPT
Madison. “Not only do people want more flexibility in the workplace,
but they want to fulfill their passion and their purpose through their
career. The popularity of the DISRUPT Madison and Milwaukee events
really speaks to that growing need.”

DISRUPT Milwaukee will be holding its inaugural event at the Best
Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery on November 9, 2017. At this
event, 10 presenters will speak for 5 minutes each on a topic related
to the “world of work,” including leadership, organizational
development, culture, and human resources. While there are very few
restrictions on the topics that speakers can propose, the purpose is
to present a talk that “disrupts” the traditional understanding and
profile of human resources as siloed, and as the administrator,
policy-maker, and enforcer.

“The goal is to elevate HR and organizational development in
Wisconsin,” said Woodman-Holoubek, “to elevate thought-leaders in
Wisconsin, and to elevate the perception of what the world of work is
and can be. We’re advocating for a world where HR increasingly
includes everyone in an organization, and where HR is progressive and

Outside of her involvement with DISRUPT Milwaukee and DISRUPT Madison,
Woodman-Holoubek works with her husband, Bruce Holoubek, as one of the
leaders behind Contracted Leadership, an organization that embeds its
team members into an organization for 2 to 5 years at a time. Like
DISRUPT Milwaukee, Contracted Leadership is disrupting the space of
HR, organizational development, workplace culture, and interim
executive leadership. Through Contracted Leadership, Holoubek and
Woodman-Holoubek are both passionate about helping organizations and
employees create a symbiotic relationship.

“For us it’s most important to help organizations and employees create
mutually meaningful work engagements,” said Holoubek. “That means that
leaders in the organization feel the employee is bringing value to the
company, but it also means that the employee feels that leaders in the
organization are taking the time to help them pursue their
professional and personal goals through the work they are doing. It
means the employee feels valued by the organization. When a work
engagement is mutually meaningful in this way, it helps employees feel
more engaged in their work, and they bring their most productive,
innovative selves to the organization.”

At DISRUPT Milwaukee, Holoubek will be presenting a talk titled,
“Talent Pools: Just Yesterday Tomorrow Happened,” in which he will be
discussing how the talent market is shrinking, and how it is in
organizations’ best interest to embrace super temps, freelancers,
contracted leaders, and other project-based models. Just a few years
from now, Holoubek argues, these models and remote work will become
more of the norm and strong leadership, not a physical location, will
unite project teams and organizations. And, according to Holoubek,
this topic is an important one when it comes to discussing how to
develop strong leaders within an organization.

“Most organizations spend thousands of dollars annually recruiting,
vetting, hiring, and training people in the hopes that they will bring
value to the organization. This is a very expensive practice, and yet
organizations continue to follow it, despite clear evidence that
project-based work is becoming the norm rather than the exception, and
even when conventional hiring practices are not successful. In my
talk, I explain that it’s time to shift our thinking, to disrupt
conventional approaches, and to be proactive and creative in how we
bring leaders into organizations.”

Even though this is the inaugural event for DISRUPT Milwaukee,
Woodman-Holoubek and her Vice President, Laura Gmeinder, have big
plans for the non-profit that is encouraging business thought
leadership in Wisconsin.

“Over the next few years, we plan to start giving scholarships to
young speakers and undergraduates earning degrees in progressive HR,”
said Woodman-Holoubek. “We want to keep growing the leaders in that
sector, to encourage them to continue disrupting the workplace by
asking probing questions about why we do the things the way we do. We
see it as an investment not only in the future of HR and businesses in
Wisconsin, but an investment in creating an even better world of

To buy tickets for DISRUPT Milwaukee, visit

To learn more about Contracted Leadership and the company’s service
offerings, visit www.contractedleadership.com.

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