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PSC, Gov. Doyle: Governor Doyle Says Unanimous Task Force Recommendations Will Provide Balance to State's Energy Policy

Linda Barth, Public Service Commission, 608-266-9600
Ethnie Groves, Office of the Governor, 608-261-2156

Governor Jim Doyle said the recommendations presented today by his Task Force on Energy Efficiency and Renewables provide a needed balance in the state's energy policy. Governor Doyle created the Task Force by Executive Order last September in light of growing demand for energy in the state and needed improvements in Wisconsin's energy infrastructure.

"As we enter a building cycle in the state for electric infrastructure to meet growing energy demands, it is important to make energy efficiency and renewable energy sources part of our overall strategy," Governor Doyle said. "The Task Force is to be commended for developing a creative, consensus package to help reduce Wisconsin's dependence on out-of-state fossil fuels, save ratepayers money, and protect the environment."

Key recommendations from the Task Force include:

* Increase the statewide use of renewable energy by all customers to 10% by 2015
* Increase the State of Wisconsin's purchases of renewable energy to 20% by 2010
* Improve the state's Focus on Energy efficiency programs by increasing the role of the Public Service Commission in setting targets and funding levels for energy efficiency
* Update and improve the state's energy building codes
* Create rural energy initiatives like increased use of locally developed anaerobic digestors and wind generators

Today, the Task Force unanimously approved every recommendation presented by its four subcommittees. The Governor praised the group for their practical, consensus approach to increased energy efficiency and use of renewable resources in Wisconsin. The 25-member Task Force included representatives from business, labor, consumer, and environmental groups, and members from the state's investor-owned utilities, public-power communities, and rural electric cooperatives. A bipartisan group of four legislators served on the Task Force, as well.

"I appreciate the hours of work and efforts of all the members of the Task Force and the hundreds of citizens who participated in public hearings and provided comments through the website," Governor Doyle said. "I also want to thank Task Force Chair Lee Cullen for his leadership in developing proposals that renew Wisconsin's commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. These recommendations will help restore Wisconsin as a leader in energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources."

The Task Force plans to issue a final report in September. The Governor said he plans on reviewing the report and developing a plan to put the recommendations in place that will likely include regulatory, administrative and legislative changes. "I look forward to working with the Task Force members and the Legislature to implement the recommendations," Governor Doyle said.

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