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Sundial Software Corporation: SE & Associates of Janesville, WI, and Murfreesboro, TN, is proud to announce the first complete Environmental Service management tool that is totally web-based, Digital Housekeeper


Curtis Clark
Sundial Software Corporation

With over 50 years of combined experience in managing and consulting for the Healthcare Housekeeping industry, SE & Associates has commissioned Sundial Software Corporation of Madison, WI, to assist with the completion of Digital Housekeeper.

Digital Housekeeper helps healthcare providers manage their housekeeping department. It accurately projects required staffing levels, balances work assignments, schedules and tracks projects, and maintains employee attendance and schedules. Additionally, Digital Housekeeper provides an audit trail of specific housekeeping activities and conducts customer satisfaction surveys.

SE & Associates trains their clientís housekeeping staff to use Digital Housekeeper. Subsequently they help analyze audit data and advise the client on improving efficiency. September of 2004 has been targeted for the product launch.

For more information about this and other service offerings from SE & Associates, contact Joseph Skalecki in Janesville, WI, or Steve Ellis in Murfreesboro, TN. Joseph Skalecki can be reached at 608-359-6113 or joe@seandassociates.com. Steve Ellis can be reached at 615-294-3981 or steve@seandassociates.com. You can visit their website at www.seandassociates.com.

Strategically located in Madison, Wausau and Appleton, WI, Sundial Software Corporation is a quality provider of outsourced information technology including staff augmentation, specialized consulting, project management, sophisticated software development, and small business services to Wisconsinís data processing community since 1996. For more information, visit Sundial's web site at www.SundialSC.com, call Curtis Clark at 608-663-8100, or send an email to curtis.clark@sundialsc.com.

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