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WorkWise Call Center Now Taking Support Calls for CFJ HandHeld ERP®

--Press Release--

For more information, contact:
Art Binhack 414-861-7200

Milwaukee, WI – Christoph Fryer Jaskie, Inc, www.cfjinc.com and WorkWise http://www.workwiseinc.com are pleased to announce that the WorkWise Call Center will now be supporting the TCM integrated HandHeld ERP product offered by Christoph Fryer Jaskie, Inc. (CFJ).

As part of our continuing efforts to improve and streamline support for our customers, customers utilizing the CFJ HandHeld ERP® system integrated to TCM, can log any issues directly with WorkWise by either calling our 800 Call Center line or via the web. Now TCM customers that are using both products can take advantage of one point of contact for all related issues.

In addition to our standard support methods, WorkWise will also take advantage of utilizing CFJ’s remote trouble shooting delivery system. It allows a detailed event log from each handheld to be delivered to WorkWise’s Call Center. The system takes advantage of screen-captured pictures to ease customer communication and involvement.

The WorkWise Call Center will work closely with CFJ whenever needed to trouble-shoot issues. The two companies have already generated a listing of "Typical Calls" and the accompanying solutions. CFJ and WorkWise have an ongoing educational program designed to keep both parties up to date on solutions and ensure maximum uptime.

About Christoph Fryer Jaskie, Inc. (www.cfjinc.com)

CFJ is a consulting firm with extensive expertise in ERP systems. CFJ HandHeld ERP® is unique in the market, because it extends a distributors, or manufacturers, ERP system out to the floor where the work is actually being performed. The software application eliminates paper in the warehouse, factory floor or loading dock. CFJ HandHeld ERP® software runs on mobile computers running Microsoft’s Pocket PC™ operating system. CFJ HandHeld ERP® is designed to work with all ERP systems. Christoph Fryer Jaskie, Inc. currently has a patent pending for CFJ HandHeld ERP®

About WorkWise, Inc (www.workwiseinc.com)

WorkWise is a customer-centric solution provider of the Time Critical ManufacturingÒ (TCMÔ) enterprise application. In addition to the TCM Enterprise Application, WorkWise provides a full range of offerings, including Customer Support, Consulting, Technical and Integration Services. WorkWise offers solutions to make-to-order, repetitive and mixed-mode manufacturers to shorten cycle times, reduce inventory and improve customer service. Companies that require solutions that simplify and optimize manufacturing information, supply chain management, manufacturing execution and planning can enhance their operations through use of TCM by taking time out of the business processes and increasing value-add in products and services.

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