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PAWS by O-no: Madison Entrepreneurs Launching New Product with a Big Mission

iMyK9 Prevents Pets From Dying in Hot Cars

MADISON, Wisc. On August 12th, PAWS by O-no, a Madison area start-up, is launching a new invention on Kickstarter. The product, iMyK9, is a “baby monitor” for pets in cars. With a mission to save animal lives, this team wants to make pet monitors in cars as popular as baby monitors are in homes today.

The Founder and Inventor of iMyK9, Karen D. Orr, says, “Animals dying in cars is one of the most preventable deaths ever. Over 5000 dogs die every year and it simply doesn't have to happen.”

Adrianne Machina, VP of Sales and Marketing, adds, “Most people know to never leave their pets alone in a car on a hot day, but they don't think about the cool days. Cars heat up 40 degrees per hour. People lose track of time. It's not always practical or possible to leave your pet at home.”

People want to travel with their pets, but unfortunately, many parks, stores and restaurants don't allow dogs inside. Concerned pet parents will do the best they can, parking in the shade with the windows down, or leaving the air conditioning running, but even then, the battery or air-conditioning can fail. “iMyK9 is a way to keep constant surveillance on your animal through a cellular connection.” Says Brian Warnecke, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, “Pet parents are able to see, hear and talk to their pet. The system constantly monitors and reports the temperature inside the vehicle. If conditions become unsafe, you get alerted – and can even have friends alerted.”

With the help of the entrepreneurial community at 100 State, the team has spent two years on the development of iMyK9. The Kickstarter campaign will raise the funds to manufacture the first 1000 units, and further product development.

About PAWS by O-no:
PAWS by O-no is a tech start-up company located in Madison, Wisconsin that was founded by Karen D. Orr in 2015. PAWS by O-No is dedicated in helping pet parents and working dog handlers monitor their animal. For more information, visit www.imyk9.com


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